TRU NAIL salon takes special attention to strict protection of personal information as follows:

Purposes for using personal information

In addition to permitted uses of personal information collected, the purposes for using personal information shall be as follows:
Do not use personal information for other purposes.
1.To introduce products and services of the salon.
2.To confirm appointments with salon.
3.To ask customers’ opinions about salon’s services
4.To contact, for example, in case customers forget their stuffs at salon.

Providing personal information to third parties

Personal information shall not be provided to third parties without the consent of relevant individuals.
However, in the following cases, personal information of customers will be provided to third parties without the permission of the customers.
In addition, personal information can also be provided to subcontractors to the extent of necessary operations of this service.
At that time, we will have suitable management measures in addition to requiring the subcontractors to handle information provided suitably.
1.If we get the prior consent from customers
2.If there is a legal requirement for disclosure.
3.If it is needed to protect property, physical health or life of people, and there are many obstacles to get consent from customers
4.If it is needed to promote health training for children or enhance public hygiene, and there are many obstacles to get consent from customers

Disclosure ・modification ・deletion of personal information

If it is required to be disclosed, modified, stop using, delete by the customer,
we will conduct such procedures after getting confirmation from the relevant individuals.

In addition

To complete all protections of personal information in the future, we will amend the above policies in a suitable manner based on the actual work at that time.