Please refer to some questions of customers who visited our salon for the first time regarding your questions about nail work.

Q: What is the difference between gel and scalp?

A:Basically, gel and scalp contain different ingredients. Gel is nail-friendly, or simply it is used when cutting and fixing nails to reserve the nails.
As it will be brushed along the length of nail, the nail length will not grow to the gel-brushed position.
It is often recommended to those who want to keep their nails clean or who do conventional work and do not want to have colorful nails.
In contrast, for those who want to have long nail and enjoy colorful art nails, they are recommended to use scalp.

Q: How long does it take?

A:It depends on menu. In general, for gel it takes about 2 hours to paint 10 fingers (3 hours for elaborate design); for scalp it takes about 3 hours to paint 10 fingers (4 hours for elaborate design).

Q: Is it ok for too short nails?

A:Yes, scalp has an effect to cure deep-set nail. Those who feel sad about their too short nails can use scalp.

Q: When should I have gel, scalp work again?

A:Normally within 1 week.
There are cases in which repaired nails are damaged, worsened, or stones on nails fall down.
In case the fill-in grows, fee shall apply.

Q: Is there any additional fee for long?

A:If the nail length is up to the maximum length of 1 form (scalp scanning mark), no fee applies; however, if using 2 forms or more, a surcharge of 5,400 Yen shall apply.
If using 3 forms, a surcharge of 8,640 Yen shall apply. This applies to all 10 fingers.

Q: Can you do the same art with that posted in magazines?

A:Yes, we can. However, if there is any part or color missing or waiting for processing, there may be a little change.

Q: May I bring my parts?

A:Yes, the fee for bringing your decoration is 300 Yen (excluding taxes). If you have empty part on your nail, you can bring whatever you want.

Q: Is there any fee for designating the manicurist?

A:Yes, 500 Yen (excluding taxes).

Q: May I have my nails repaired or off nails which were fixed at Tenjin salon at Nakasu salon?

A:Basically, we would like your nails to be fixed at the previous salon; however, your nails can be fixed at another salon depend on the availability of reservation.

Q: Is it true that nails can get moldy?

A:Yes, it is true. Mold may appear when gel or scalp is raised and kept unfixed.
In such case, you should change or fix the affected part as soon as possible.

Q: How long does it last for 1 scalp insertion?

A:This depends on each person, but 2 ~ 3 weeks in general.
This also depends on how the nail is treated. There are cases in which it can last 1 month.

Q: What is the difference between square-shaped nail and pointed nail?

A:Recently, people prefer pointed nail.
This shape doesn’t make your daily life hard to spend. Square-shaped nail is also famous for its toughness.

Q: How does it cost for painting the phone cover and how long does it take?

A:For phones, it costs 15,000 Yen (16,200 Yen including taxes).※ Fee applies for iphone5s.
For iphone6 and 6s, it costs 19,000 Yen (20,520 Yen including taxes).
The time to do it depends on the availability, about 1 ~ 2 weeks in general.
※There are some cases in which fee varies due to the size of the phone. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Do you paint it on other things rather than smartphones?

A: Basically, we can paint it on anything. Depending on the size of the object, the price will vary. Please feel free to contact our team for more information.

Q: May I bring my pet?

A:Except for some certain salons (in Omiya, Saga), you can bring your pets. However, if other customers are annoyed by them, there are refusals sometimes. Please understand.