At TRU, we perceive that we do not “design” nails but make them unique.
In our opinion, a professional manicurist not only designs nails in the way that you desire, but also creates unique nail art style.Because each customer has different nail shape, 10 people will have 10 different types of nail art designs.
By using knowledge related to the life style, damage condition, shape, length of your nails, we will bring you the most beautiful nail designs.
We will liaise with the media to create and introduce the designs with the hottest nail art trends of the season.
Also, if you make a recommendation, we will take advantage of consultation period in order to design and paint nails as requested.


At TRU, we adhere to the provisions of the company to make you feel satisfied as soon as possible.
We also conduct training course for employees as stipulated by the company to ensure no occurrence of uneven skills among technicians.
We periodically hold internal training sessions by cooperating with prestigious masters in the the field of nail industry, and other manufacturers.In addition, we also often improve and enhance the quality every day to bring you the most advanced techniques. We highly appreciate your valuable time you spend with us, and we ensure to give you a high-tech, soft tips, simple service.


We are using various kinds of materials at TRU and we always put the safety and peace of mind at the forefront of our considerations. We use more than 3 types of gel because we will change materials according to your nail conditions such as excess water in nails, dry nails, damaged nails, and we are committed to delivering the most appropriate materials for each nail condition. By using the most advanced safe materials without regard to cost, we are much honored to design the highly durable stylish nails for you.

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