At TRU NAIL, we will provide you with the best technologies at the lowest cost and the products which are made from best materials.
Our manicurists are methodically trained to become technically gifted and meet customer requirements, and can create new nail art designs.
TRU NAIL is still constantly upgrading its skills so that you can feel the "joy of nail art".



As the salon grows increasingly, we are recruiting manicurists.
《If you are recruited, you will be rewarded 10,000 Yen as a congratulatory money on your participation in the company ☆★》

In order to promote social position of manicurists, TRU is recruiting staff based on the belief that『achievement = good treatment』.
You want to get the job? You want to test your capability? You want to get satisfactory return?
At TRU, we are recruiting many positions for such candidates.

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